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Sunscreen on babies

3 Luglio 2015

Every year you can find a common subject all around internet: which sun cream should I use to protect my kid?

The most important issue shouldn’t be which cream but since what age and in which circumstances we could have our baby in the sun. 

Taking into account that our exposure to the sun without cream gives us Vitamin D we could recommend being every day in the sun for about half an hour. But as now we are talking about a toddler which skin is really delicate we should always avoid midday. The best moments to have a walk with your baby in the sun are early morning or late afternoon with fresh clothes that will protect him. A great choice would be cotton clothes (15UVA protector). Cover his little head and protect his eyes, he can be stylish with a cap!

If we can’t avoid taking him to the beach don’t forget to put the sun protection half an hour before leavingThe properties of the creams start to do their effects after 20 minutes when the skin absorbs the cream. If our kid is under 6 months you should use a cream with physical protection and elements that won’t be absorbed by the skin, normal sun cream chemicals could irritate our toddler’s skin. Even if it is early morning or late evening we should have a beach umbrella and be with him always under its protection. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy or if the sun is not high.

Another very important advice is to keep hydrating our baby with water, some juice and keep his cap and sunglasses on.

In case our baby is older than 6 months we can use a normal sun cream with a minimum protection of 30FP. Take a look to the composition of the cream to avoid the ones with parabens, pfalats, insecticide and perfumes. Better use hydrating sun creams.

We must cover all the skin and do it half an hour before going out, this process has to be repeated every 2h, always in cloudy days!


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