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Summer must haves for your kid. Clothes you can't miss!

21 Luglio 2015

Which are the essential clothes for a baby in summer holidays?

Summer holidays means playing outside and high temperature so you will need more than 1 look per day. With these tips you won’t go wrong! You can combine the below tips to save time and money! 

Nº1 Cotton outfit in grey and sand colors, it will combine with any look and the selection of colors and materials give freshness and comfort to your baby.

Nº2  A couple of pullovers trying to avoid closed necks. For the colors you can play combining warm colors, that will look amazing when the skin is tanned, and cold colors to give a softer look.

Nº3 Always use 100% cotton t-shirts as they are the best material to be in contact with his delicate skin. You can take several with you in case of any surprise; you can have them with short sleeves, without sleeves, long sleeves… take one of each color and play with different combinations!  Don’t forget to give an extra fun with printed t-shirts!

Nº4 Tencel trousers, a biodegradable fiber characterized for its comfort and softness. You can find even some tencel shorts! Get a pair for your baby, he will feel the difference!

Nº5 Tencel overall. Always looks nice and is never out of fashion. Maybe it will encourage yourself to get one!

Nº6  A dress without sleeves 100% cotton or linen for your little princess. Probably you would need a couple of them… dresses will fit her better than anything and they are really comfortable too! Any color will fit her amazingly. A dress is a better choice than a skirt, it is much more practical!

Nº7 Bikini knickers both for boys and girls so you’ll avoid any tan line! Don’t forget sun protection and a combined cap!

Nº8 Quality shoes are a must. Shoes are really important in the growth of your baby and we should pay special attention to choose the correct ones when he starts walking. If he/she doesn’t walk yet there is no need of shoes, thin socks are enough.

Nº9 100% cotton bodysuits. You can chose among lots of fun printings so they are a great option for really hot days.

Nº10 Keep in mind: LESS IS MORE. Don’t abuse of complements or jewelry. Is our baby not our doll!


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