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How to survive a Beach Vacation

10 Luglio 2015

Go to the beach with kids changes upside down our idea of a quiet beach day.

We have to bear in mind not to have kids under the sun between 12h and 16h. Even if all of us are aware of this rule, we don’t use to follow it!

It is utterly important to put the sun cream before leaving home, at least half an hour before reaching the beach. This way we would avoid any stress once there! Remember; always put cream after any single dip.

Take a sun umbrella with you, a cap and some cotton t-shirts to protect them in case we would like to stay longer.

Bring with you enough water, juice and some fruit to hydrate both the baby and yourselves!

Instead of dipping the baby at the beginning we recommend you to wet him little by little so he/she won’t be scared of the feeling of fresh water on his delicate skin. Don’t panic if they swallow a bit of sea water, they have to discover little by little new tastes and new feelings.

Never leave the kids unattended on rubber rings or waterbeds, swell can take them further than desired. Bring with you a small inflatable swimming pool in case waves are too big.

Buckets, plastic shovels, small boats or other beach games are a must!!! Probably at some moment they will try to put some sand in their mouth, don’t worry, they won’t repeat it for sure! If the sand is too hot don’t allow them to walk barefoot, sandals or flip flops are perfect to avoid any burn!

When you arrive to the beach take a look around to know where the first-aid station, you never know if you will need them for small sunstroke, small wound or if your kid plays with a jellyfish!

But among all, the most important is to enjoy!!! Those are small moments that you have to live and enjoy; both you and your baby will have amazing memories of them!!!

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