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Get fit with your baby’s stroller!

4 Giugno 2015

Being busy at home with your children, at work gives you the perfect excuse for not going to the gym. However, it is important to work out regularly to feel good, both inside and outside. Ana Casarespersonal trainer, mother of 3 and author of the book “Mom triathlete” shows us the secrets to get back in shape when stroller walking.

If your objective is to regain your shape after pregnancy, or if you just want to tone up a little bit now that summer is coming, these tips are perfect for you. You will see that little by little you will be able to raise the rhythm of your footsteps, and to create an exercise routine more intense which will help you to improve blood pressure and to burn calories.

Casualplay and Ana Casares propose you a guide of 5 exercises that will allow you to create an effective routine to tone up your body and to lose weight in an easy and gradual way, enjoying the time with your baby!


1) The Warm up 

Warming up prepares the organism to the exercise, since it turns on the cardiorespiratory system and muscles in a progressive and a global way. Our recommendation is to split up the time in 5 minutes of brisk walk and then start running softly another 5 minutes.

Remember it is very important to have a chair which has comfortable and adjustable handlebars so you can grab it right and check that your height is correct.

10 minutes

2) Long steps

This activity will help you to tone your buttocks and calf.

Slow your movements and start walking with longs steps while stretching ankles and hips with a slight forward movement.

10 minutes

3)  Stretching

Stand up on the right of your stroller and grab the handlebars with your right hand. Raise your left arm overhead and stretch your torso to the chair.

This stretch will help you to improve the flexibility of the spine and to develop muscle strength.

3 series of 20 repetitions each side


4)   Hip abduction

Abduction exercises are great for toning both the hip and buttocks. Use the stroller of your baby for balance you while you strengthen the outside of the hip and gluteus medius.

Start by standing facing the stroller with both hands on the handlebars. Maintaining an upright posture, take one leg to the side and slightly behind you.

3  series of 10 repetitions each side

5) Half squat         

Squats are one of the best exercises that work the buttocks and they will help you to strength your back muscles. But beware! Squats bad executed can be dangerous to your joints. It is to make a flexion of the legs with an angle of about 90 degrees at the knees. Go down slowly and go up faster.

Once acquired the position, push the stroller bending your knees straight on your feet while wearing the buttocks back. Then slowly return to starting position. 

3  series of 15 repetitions each side

After making these exercises, the session can be completed with another 10-15 minutes of race walk according to fitness level. You can switch 4 or 5 minutes of easy running with 1 minute march.

In case of any doubt, consult a specialist to avoid injuring yourself.

Here you have 5 easy steps, now you only need to grab your stroller and go to the park with your baby to get in shape. Casualplay wants to go out with you!


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