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Barcelona with kids: we walk around a magical park

12 Maggio 2015

For years we have heard of the pleasure of travelling. Now, with Casualplay, we can recover this wonderful feeling and we invite you to relax and have a wonderful time. Want to join us? Today we discover a magical park with our new pushchair Loop. Horta Labyrinth Park is one of the best parks Barcelona has to offer! Not only the kids, but also the adults will have a wonderful time. What are you waiting for? Let’s go! 


The labyrinth park is located in the district of Horta-Guinardó in the north of Barcelona. Surrounded by hills and forests, it was the last district to be annexed to the city of Barcelona in 1904. Horta Park is the oldest garden that is still preserved in the city of Barcelona. It is located on an old estate, very close to the Collserola hills, where one of the scenes of the film Perfume was filmed. The park consists of several gardens in different styles (one romantic and another neoclassical) and the well-known maze, which occupies the central part of the park. It was inaugurated in 1808, although its doors were not opened to the public until 1971.

With kids: It is a unique park for spend the afternoon with the family, playing with the kids while getting lost in the maze and gardens. A magical place where all parents can also be kids, and let loose their childlike side in the maze, full of romance. Don’t forget to read the inscription which you can see at the entrance to the maze:

“Entra, saldrás sin rodeo,

el laberinto es sencillo,

no es menester el ovillo

que dio Ariadna a Teseo”.

“Enter, you’ll leave without delay,

The labyrinth is easy,

You won’t need the ball of thread

That Ariadne gave to Theseus.”

Tips: Check the days when the cedars in the maze are being pruned, as it may be closed for maintenance.

With Casualplay you can enjoy everything the city has to offer with your kids! For other Barcelona routes see our blog. 

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