“Barcelona with kids”: Look, explore and enjoy… with your pushchair! | Casualplay

“Barcelona with kids”: Look, explore and enjoy… with your pushchair!

26 Maggio 2015

This week we have another great video! Architecture, geometry, color, originality, nature... all of this is the Sagrada Familia, a must see in BarcelonaWant to discover it with Casualplay? A very special and safe trip with the Loop pushchair. Discover, at the end of the video, the useful window to see your baby :)

Probably Barcelona’s most iconic building. Its architect, the chief exponent of Catalan Modernisme, Antoni Gaudi, named it the “Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family”. It is his great unfinished work, because building started in 1883 and the works are scheduled to be completed in 2026. It is currently funded by private donations. The tall and robust columns inside the temple are inspired by the trees in a large forest. Gaudí was also inspired by nature when building his works, which is why there is not a single straight line in the Sagrada Familia - it is all curves.

With kids: It is the quintessential temple of the modernista architect and a symbol of Barcelona. We suggest taking the kids to the top of the towers of the Sagrada Familia and making them part of the temple. You can also spend some time playing in Plaza Gaudí, just opposite the building: a green space, with fountains, a playground and a pond. Culture and fun, hand in hand!

Tips: There are quite a few stairs, so we recommend going up and down in the lift. It is heavily visited by tourists, so there are usually long queues, so bringing some water and a snack might be a good idea.

With Casualplay you can enjoy everything the city has to offer with your kids! Look all "Barcelona with kids" videos here. 

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