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A wakeup call

4 avril 2016

What’s happening? What is going wrong?

I don’t want to bring blame; it does not help at all.

I want to bring consciousness. Consciousness of where we are and where we are going to. We live complicated moments. We struggle and work for our kids, we face different problems and difficult situations from day to day, but we do our best to solve it all.

The mass media gives us bad news and a lot of it refer to our children; dropout, bullying, lack of motivation, disoriented teenagers, new addictions in addition to already existing ones… Almost all of us know at least one case as that in our friend or family circle.

What is happening? What makes the youth of today be in need of “likes” in the social network in order to feel good? Who is being more deceived? They? Or us, when we just say “all the kids do so”? Who, if not the parents, has to arouse in their teenage girl that she must love herself, that it is worth being happy although somebody does not consider her to be “the most popular girl” in the school?

It is a hard to raise children; it is a long distance race the results of which are not seen in the short run sometimes, and this can cause despondency. At the same time, raising our children is the most important, wonderful and beautiful things in our lives. There is nothing better than spending time with our children. If it is not so…. Is it worth it?

  • What legacy do we want to leave them?
  • How do we want them to remember us?
  • What do we, as parents, do to prevent these situations?
  • How do we prepare ourselves for performing the most important role, TO BE PARENTS?
  • What do we do to learn to enjoy our kids?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s leave excuses. They are hardly to be believed. It has something to do with priorities and commitment.

I admit that I am overweight, but I calm myself down saying such excuses as a lack of time, or some other explanation. But I am lying to myself. It has to do with my priorities and my commitment. Exercise is not my priority. I am more committed to my couch than to the gym. It is not easy to admit it, but I allow it to myself.

However, what happens when we speak about our children? Is it the same? If they are really our top priority… What are we really committed to? What do we do to honour this commitment? Are we being coherent?

I began this article with a wakeup call and i want to finish it with an action call.

What can we as parents do?

We can do a lot, we can do “EVERYTHING”.

If we want our children to be brave, empathetic, emotionally balanced, positive, capable, proactive, if we don’t want them to be victims of circumstances…we have to understand that we can only do it giving them a good example. We have to be empathetic, capable, positive, proactive and brave parents. Parents, who know how to accept their children, who could give them their own space to be who they are. Parents, who could reinforce, inspire and support them, helping them develop all their skills and capabilities.

We can learn how to grow as persons and give the best of us as parents to our children.
Are you ready to make this commitment?


M. Ángeles Jové

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