POLARIS FIX | Casualplay

Car seats


Group 2/3 (15 to 36 Kg)

New Casualplay multigroup seats - comfortable for both parents and children.
Their cosy design, safety and light weight are its outstanding features.

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116,00 €
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Weight and measurements

Weight: 6 kg
Silla de coche
Length: 450 mm
High: 640 mm
Width: 450 mm

Features child

15-36 kg


  • Car seats Polaris Fix - New Casualplay Group II/III with Fix connectors.
    New Casualplay Group II/III with Fix connectors
  • Car seats Polaris Fix - Belt guides
    Belt guides
    Its belt guides help the car seat belts to always be correctly positioned on the child’s body at all stages of growth. Centred on the little passenger’s shoulder and around the pelvis and hips.
  • Car seats Polaris Fix - 8 positions
    8 positions
    A seat that increases in height for a perfect fi t for your child’s body; up to 8 positions, giving the chair more durability.
  • Car seats Polaris Fix - Padded upholstery
    Padded upholstery
    Padded upholstery to provide optimal comfort and relaxation for the occupant.Fabrics that are harmless to health with the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifi cate.
  • Car seats Polaris Fix - Front, rear, side and rollover protection
    Front, rear, side and rollover protection
    A car seat perfectly designed to absorb energy on impact. Front, rear, side and rollover protection.
  • Car seats  Polaris Fix - Backrest adjustable
    Backrest adjustable
    Backrest adjustable to different vehicle seats with an adjustment capacity of 20 degrees.
  • Car seats  Polaris Fix - Manual
    With a drawer to store the manual to avoid losing it.