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Car seats


Group 1/2 (9 to 25 kg)

The baby's legs never hang out with Beat S, thanks to the curved design of the seat. With Beat S the car's seat belt always tightens properly because the seat has a unique dual tightening device. You pass the belt through, lock the "Lock Off" clamps and then tighten the slack, ensuring a perfect seat-vehicle attachment. Matchless safety.

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Weight and measurements

Weight: 8,90 Kg
Silla de coche
Length: 510 mm
High: 630 mm
Width: 450 mm

Features child

9 - 25 Kg


Protección global
Protección global


  • Car seats Beat Fix - Bamboo fibre fabric
    Bamboo fibre fabric
    The new Casualplay 2015 car seat collection uses over 50% bamboo fabric - a fabric with excellent characteristics for babies. 1.- It is anti-bacterial, odour-free and hypo-allergenic. 2. - Insulating capacity. 3. - Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. 4. - Very comfortable.
  • Car seats Beat S - A safe and comfortable seat
    A safe and comfortable seat
    The curved design allows the baby to sit with perfect support for the entire leg in the seat, providing much more comfort. The legs do not dangle. We have also increased the safety by removing the risk of the submarine effect.
  • Car seats Beat S - Exceptional reclining angles
    Exceptional reclining angles
    The height at which the baby sits gives them a perfect view of the outside world. One of the products with better views, because travelling means discovery.
  • Car seats Beat S - Exclusive double tightening mechanism
    Exclusive double tightening mechanism
    Makes fitting easier, ensures maximum safety. You pass the belt through and then tighten the slack. The vehicle's seat belt is always fitted with the correct tightness.
  • Car seats Beat S - Overall Protection
    Overall Protection
    Front, rear, side and rollover protection. Designed for efficient energy absorption on impact. Deformable steel structure.
  • Car seats Beat S - Adjustable headrest
    Adjustable headrest
    Height adjustment to adjust the seat as the child grows, equipped with extra side padding.
  • Car seats Beat S - 5-point harness
    5-point harness
    Fully adjustable, with a reinforced anti-vibration buckle difficult to open for the baby.
  • Car seats Beat S - Seat belt guide
    Seat belt guide
    Pasacinturones para la instalación del cinturón del automóvil a la silla como Grupo 2.