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Your feet almost bigger than your head

26 May 2016

Spring has finally come, although the weather is a little weird now. We begin to ware lighter clothes, such as a trench or a gabardine, parkas or denim jacket (yes, the one you have been keeping in your closet for ages and every year you like it more and more). 

So our closet suffers some changes: we substitute our winter outfits with more adequate for these temperatures ones; but without crossing the line as like  I said before the heat has not made an appearance yet.

This would be the image of many women, but what happens to the ones who are pregnant?

Our case is rather peculiar because most probably (and especially if you are already far along as in my case) even if it is not too hot yet, for us it really is hehe. Our microclimate is very particular, different from the rest of the world and we don’t need the majority of the clothes we used to be wearing just some weeks before.

Today I would like to speak about shoes: my particular problem at this moment. As it happens to many of the future mothers, I am suffering from a very common unpleasant thing: the frightening and hateful liquid retention. Oh yes my friends, my time has come! And this means that since already I can’t put on close-toed shoes for some time already.

I have already put away my boots and high-heeled shoes because right now I can only wear ballet flats or wide low heel shoes (lucky for me I have always liked this kind of shoes, I even wore them on my wedding day)

And I must add that I am really looking forward to the temperature rise to be able to put my sandals on; I am sure that, despite the discomfort that usually accompanies the heat, sandals will become my new best friends. Or rather, my poor feet’s new best friends.

In addition to the fact that it is unaesthetic to have your feet almost bigger than your head (I know I exaggerate sometimes ;)) it is also uncomfortable and even irritating. Heaviness, calf muscle pain and this sensation of having “the feet of the elephant” is now constantly with me and I don’t think I am going to get rid of it until the labour.

Big doses of patience, compression stockings, press therapy, massage with cold gel, salt water baths and extra caresses are my personal allies. In addition to stop showing you beautiful feet off and begin searching only for comfortable shoes, just like I was saying a few lines above.

And now if you want you can also share with me some things: have you had the same problem during your pregnancy? How have you managed to deal with it? Any tip or trick that could help us all?

María Blasco



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