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What is the isofix platform?

10 June 2016

The Isofix bases were developed to make it fast for parents to safely install group 0+ baby carriers. When the parents want to travel by car with their infant, they approach the car with the stroller and the baby carrier, and once there they unlatch the baby carrier from the stroller and install it on the car seat as a restraint system.

If there is no Isofix base, the baby carrier must be secured with a seatbelt, which requires dedication and precision to ensure it is fastened correctly and snugly. Field tests show that one of the major errors made by parents is to incorrectly secure the infant seat with the seatbelt, diminishing the safety the baby seat is supposed to provide.

On the other hand, with an Isofix base attached to the seat of the car, a baby carrier can easily be fastened by securing it to the anchoring points. With a “click” you remove the baby carrier from the stroller and with another “click” you connect it on the Isofix base. The Isofix bases have red-green indicators that show whether they have been correctly installed, ensuring complete safety without errors. The two great benefits are that it makes it easy to install the baby carrier and provides maximum safety by guaranteeing its correct installation.

Choosing to buy a group 0+ baby carrier with an Isofix base is also the most practical solution for newborns, as it can be removed from the stroller and installed directly in the vehicle without the need for another bulky piece of equipment to store in the boot. Another advantage is that a sleeping infant can remain in the baby carrier when placed in the car, removing the need for a permanent infant seat and preventing the baby from waking during the transfer from stroller to car.

At Casualplay we offer Isofix platforms for our Sono and Baby0+ baby carriers belonging to group 0+: the BaseFix Sono and the BaseFix Baby0+.

Javier Castillo
Product Manager
Child Safety Systems

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