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What can you do to stop the children from getting bored? 5 original ideas

27 May 2016

You cannot always go outside or for an excursion. Some weekends you simply don’t feel like going out or unexpected events occur that make you change or postpone your plans. Don’t worry! Casualplay has come up with five ideas to entertain children so they don’t get bored at home. 

1. Camping in the living room

Use the broomstick, dining room chairs and old sheets to make a tent. You can play cowboys and Indians, speak in an invented language and... why not? have lunch on the floor. And if you want to stage a great battle... pillow fight!

Photo: mummieslist.com

2. Invite a friend or friends to spend the day at home

For parents who cannot attend to the children, as the kids themselves will find the game they like. You only need to let them have a good time, set the limits and make sure there is plenty of food. Ideal if you need to take the time to do your things, just having a look-in from time to time. An added reward is that the friends’ parents will thank you until the end of their days.

3. Film Club

No, no... it’s not just watching a movie, full stop. First you need the poster and the tickets, a task that will take a good while. Once the programme has been organised all you have to do is prepare some popcorn or the kids’ favourite snack a few minutes before the show. At the end you can talk about the films: which character was the best, what was the funniest part or discuss any especially thrilling scene.

4. Cooking

For risk-prone mums and dads who don’t mind if the kitchen is in a bit of a mess ;) It is important for children to start learning about the kitchen bit by bit and to appreciate food. Think of a recipe you would like to teach them. We suggest something they can all take part in. Some cookies, a cake... they will not hesitate to cooperate if they can eat it afterwards! This activity is not only fun, but is also a part of the learning process. 


5. Crafts

Are you good with your hands and with imagination to spare? Then you will love this! If you are one of those who have a kitchen cupboard full of dry pasta and also have sewing thread and the indispensable white glue then you have everything you need! Jewellery and picture frames for the whole family.

We hope these ideas will help you to entertain your children. Don’t forget to comment on which at home with the children activity you like the most.

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