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The security of your child is crucial

10 May 2016

Since our children are born, we do our best to protect them from any dangerous or risky thing. We teach them not to cross the road when the red light is on … we make them wear a helmet when they ride a bike, because we are afraid that they can fall down and get hurt… When they begin swimming we put them a life vest on to help them not to be afraid of water…. So, why then, just to save some money, we buy second-hand car seats on the Internet?

That’s true that buying a second-hand car seat online we can save some money, but we also “save” on the information and personalized advice that professionals in the shop offer us, and we also “save” on touching them and trying them making sure that this car seat is the most suitable for our child. If we buy a second hand car seat no one can assure us that this car seat has not had any impact.  Is this “saving” really worth it?

In the instruction books we incorporate some safety warnings, such as:

“We guarantee the safety of the product when it is used by the first buyer, do not use used car seats or safety devices”
“After an accident the car seat must be examined or changed”
“Remember that you are responsible for the security of your child”

We don’t write them in vain. The security of your child in a car is the most important thing!

At Casualplay we recommend you never buy a second hand car seat on the Internet. The life of your child will depend on it.


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