Rojo Valentino joins Casualplay in the experience of being a mother | Casualplay

Rojo Valentino joins Casualplay in the experience of being a mother

31 March 2016

My name is Maria, I am a lawyer, businesswoman and the author of the blog Rojo Valentino where I’ve been sharing with my followers every day of my life for 5 year, and now I am also a future mother.

For me my blog is like a corner where I can share everything that makes my days special; a place where we can find an oasis of beautiful things to brighten our life up. What I like, what I wear, the things that inspire me day by day. Ah! And I can’t stand the disrespectful tone of some people when they speak about bloggers; that’s why I prefer to consider myself a creator of online content.

During some months I will be sharing with you the wonderful adventure of being pregnant and the first month as a mother from the point of view of a woman who wants to enjoy this stage to the maximum keeping her dress style: advice, recommendations, ideas, suggestions and all the other things that she will discover in the maternity world.

I hope that you will find it entertaining and interesting and that you will accompany me in this period. We can observe our progress together and share our ideas that will be of great help to all us!

Let’s get it started? Welcome to this series of posts and thanks for staying on the other side of the screen :)


María Blasco


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