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Positive feelings during pregnancy

24 March 2014

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Wildly Our language reflects our way of thinking and influences it. If your language is limited and negative, your way of thinking will be too, and vice versa. It’s like a loop that conditions your behaviour. Why? Because depending on our way of thinking, whether it is positive or negative, leads us to a different way of acting and gives us a specific result. And… how many times do I end up in a situation that is precisely what I wanted to avoid?

What about my professional future? What will happen at the clinic? Will I lose control? Will the contractions hurt? What if something happens to me? Or to the baby? Will I know how to look after my child? Will I recover quickly? Will I be able to control my mother-in-law? Will my mother annoy me?...

These are just a few of the many questions that might go through your mind. A whole rollercoaster of emotions bubble up when you face a monumental change in your life like motherhood. It is easy for thoughts to appear in the form of questions. However, what really matters is what you tell yourself in response to these questions. In other words, what type of thoughts do you have when facing these questions? Positive or negative? Limiting or enabling? Open or closed? What stories are you telling yourself?

Don’t just believe your own story straight off! I suggest you examine it and review it paying attention to see whether the things you tell yourself are true or not, if your opinions are well founded or not, if your statements are valid or not. This means that once you have reviewed your story you can look for ways to change these ideas, to change these opinions… to find enabling and motivating language… to alter your body language…

How about if you give yourself words and thoughts full of possibility and opportunity to make the changes you want in your life? Don’t forget that you are the source of your own change and you are in charge of your own well-being.

Photo from Growing

Wildly M Ángeles Jové Professional coach

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