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21 April 2016

MAMIfit is a fitness method for mums and future mums. It was founded in 2009 and imported from the United States by Emma Soteras, a mum of 4 children and of Spanish origin. It consists in classes given by professional trainers, all of them are graduates in Physical Science and physiotherapists. The classes are for moms and future moms who want to work out, get fit or simply stay in shape before or after the pregnancy, without leaving their babies.

This method lets you have a personal trainer sharing her with other women, with the benefit that MAMIfit is not only cheaper, but is also a motivational and entertaining activity for moms and kids. A group exercise helps you get an enriching experience from other moms or future moms who encounter the same situations, it helps you work out with your baby without fear that it will bother other group members (the thing what would happen in a normal adult class). It makes you go out giving you your baby the opportunity to get new friends, and it teaches you how to combat and prevent the pre- and postpartum depression. And above all, your baby develops the habit of doing exercise at such an early age. That is why it can doubtlessly be considered an anti-sedentary method, as it is well known that the habits which are inculcated from the very childhood stay for the whole life.

Mum and baby: a perfect fitness team
Once the baby is born, the majority of mothers don’t want to separate from him. But very few gyms allow mothers to enter with their kids and of course, almost none of them can offer activities adapted for this mom & baby team. MAMIfit turns the apparent disadvantage of staying glued to your baby during several months into an advantage. Why sacrifice time without your baby if you can exercise together with him? It is obvious that from the moment we get pregnant we get attached to our babies for good. From that moment on it’s not just you but it is you and the baby. So why not create a fitness team with him?

The purpose of the MAMIfit classes is not only to stay in shape during and after the pregnancy, but also to do a healthy activity in the open air or in collaborating centers, socialising and meeting other mothers with who you can share doubts and goals. This way, some minutes of group exercise a day will help you recharge your energy and combat the typical pre- and postpartum depression. And the most important: we give our clients the opportunity to spend time with their babies in the best possible way and to enrich our corporal relationship with our baby.

The philosophy of MAMIfit is based on exercising without having to sacrifice the quality time with children. We believe that the emotional state and relaxed and positive attitude of the mother is fundamental for baby’s development and his integration in the family. Exercise is not all, but it does allow to develop a more positive and harmonious attitude before the big changes which occure with the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Where do we carry out the classes of MAMIfit?
MAMIfit offers its services in public and private sports centers, leisure centers, nurseries, in the open air and at home.  We are happy to offer our services wherever it is convenient for our clients and where there is a collaboration and acceptance agreement of our services.

Our services are:

  • MAMIfit for pregnant             
  • MAMIfit Perfect Abs                                         
  • MAMIfit Aqua
  • MAMIfit Mums and babies                                      
  • MAMIfit at Home                   
  • FAMILYfit
  • MAMIfit Woman Training

Where can you find us? COLOMBIA - CHILE - - @MAMIfit.SL - @MAMIfit_Spain




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