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Esther Gili and her book "39 weeks"

3 June 2016

Esther Gili is a professional illustrator who has been working in advertising, film and publishing for ten years. Some of her illustrations have been featured on the silver screen thanks to films like “Guerrilla”, “Alatriste” and “Pan’s Labyrinth”. Her work has also won her various awards among which first prize in the Young Creators contest (Madrid, 2005) or the prize in the INJUVE comic and illustration contest stand out.

But she has achieved online popularity due to her character @lamadrenovata (Twitter) @esthergili (Instagram). She recounted her pregnancy and subsequent maternity in a highly graphic blog ( that quickly gained followers and has rapidly turned into one of the benchmark blogs for the new mothers 2.0.

Now she has captured this experience as a new mother in the book “39 semanas” (39 weeks), 170 pages of fun-filled illustrations. What happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy? How do you put diapers on? Some of the issues addressed in this fun book include: In search of the perfect baby’s bottle, or Clothing and knickknacks.  It constitutes an indispensable guide to approach motherhood with a fresh mindset, de-mythologizing the whole business through ingenious drawings while remaining in close contact with reality.

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