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Casualplay QRetraktorFix Awarded 4 Stars: Safety is Now All About the Harness

24 March 2014

Casualplay presents its latest recognition in safety. The Casualplay Q- RetraktorFix group 1 car seat has been given 4 stars /Gut, in the 2nd Eurotest 2013 campaign for our two models: Q-RetraktorFix Support Leg and Q-RetraktorFix Top Tether

After picking up the silver medal at Kind&Jugend 2012, the endorsement which Eurotest now gives us is further firm backing of the innovations Casualplay has developed in the area of child safety, by incorporating an automatic harness in a child car seat - the most outstanding innovation since the implementation of the Isofix system.

For the first time, we have managed to apply car seat-belt technology to a child seat harness. How? By including a retractor that blocks the harness in the event of collision. The Casualplay Q-RetraktorFix harness works in the same way as a regular car seat belt.

After decades with no major evolution in the safety performance of children’s car seat harnesses, a new harness concept has arrived: the Casualplay automatic harness. With this innovation we solve the leading problem of poor use in group-1 seats: authorised seat belts. (According to a RACC Study, these account for over 55% of examples of poor use )

Inhouse tests Casualplay ran had already confirmed the excellent performance of the Q-Retraktor automatic harness in combination with the Isofix: • Displacement of the head is reduced by 30% compared to harnesses with a manual adjuster • Chest acceleration is reduced by 25% compared to harnesses with a manual adjuster

Now Eurotest Reaffirms, Recognises and Vouchsafes Us by Awarding Us 4 Stars.

On top of the safety benefits, the Q-RetraktorFix automatic harness is also more comfortable for baby and parents alike. The harness always adapts correctly to the child’s body, neither too loose nor too tight. Parents don’t have to adjust the harness once the buckle is fastened - the harness does it automatically.

At Casualplay we are proud of our contributions to the safety and comfort of child car seats and also of the interest the Q-RetraktorFix has raised among leading child-safety experts.

We hope that you, as a safety specialist, will also get behind this technological breakthrough which is here to stay - just like seat belts, which were introduced into cars over 45 years ago. Casualplay automatic harness. Safety is now all about the harness. An innovation that can’t be seen, but can be noted.

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