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Being pregnant is really very cool - Rojo Valentino

26 April 2016

Being pregnant is really very cool. It is an absolutely different from anything that a woman has ever experienced. Both in the positive and a little less positive ways ;)

Before somebody crucifies me I want to make it clear that I feel like a mother from the very first minute I knew I was expecting my little one and it was one of my biggest dreams of my life. I feel very happy when I realize that my dream is about to come true.

I can say that this new stage of my life is precious, exciting, unique and, why not tell the truth, sometimes quite uncomfortable. It is an awesome revolution and you always feel as high as if you were up the roller coaster.

As we are here to speak about clothes I want to tell you that getting pregnant means a series of important physical changes; well, it happens in the majority of cases. Let’s put aside the cases of those amazing women who hardly gain weight during these 9 months and who don’t even have to change their size in the course of their pregnancy. Although I can’t complain, I don’t belong to this group of the privileged ones. In fact, this is the most common case. Our bodies change in quite a fast way but the mental change implies an effort, much support and big doses of patience. From us and from those who are around (blessed husbands and imperturbable friends!)

These are some of the symptoms in the first weeks of the pregnancy: dizziness, nausea (for the luckiest ones only in the morning, but that was not my case), and even vomits. Your body begins to send you signals of changes, but…ah! Your belly is in the same place, your mind does not change, either. And this is until the day, until the exact moment when you wake up, you look in the mirror and you get taken aback: your breasts have got bigger fast (for those who haven’t ever had big ones is like “miracle, miracle!”) and your hips have decided to do so, too (now this is not cool anymore).

Although it is still early for you to buy maternity clothes, you can already go visit the lingerie store to get some things to be able to hold what has got bigger. I can say that in the last months I visited this store more than ever.

Before you get excited, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you: Just as all the experienced mothers say: they will disappear after the labour and breastfeeding. So, my first piece of advice is clear: don’t waste too much money on underwear during this period because most probably the joy of wearing a bigger size will vanish without a trace and you will have to accept what you have.  Can you identify with this situation? What were your first sensations when you found out that you were pregnant? Were your first physical changes similar to mine? I hope that this post was of some help to you and that you found it interesting or at least entertaining.


Maria Blasco



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