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Anna Llenas, an illustrator of emotions

14 April 2016

At Casuaplay we are always very interested in the emerging illustrators of our country. After collaborating with Mr. Wonderful, Albert Arrayás, Agustina Guerrero and Lucreativo, it is now Anna Llenas’s turn.

Anna Llenas is one of the illustrators with very good prospects. She works in different fields: illustration of children’s books, books for adults and different objects, a wide range of things, which she enjoys doing, as she can use her creativity, and she would be very happy if there were more hours in a day so that she could accomplish everything that she likes so much.

Who is she?

Anna Llenas is a graduate of Autonomous University of Barcelona in Publicity and Public Relations and also in Graphic Design at the School Llotja. She also studied Analytical Psychology and has a master’s degree in Art Therapy.

During the first years she was working as a designer and art director at the Bassat Ogilvy&Mather and Publicis Casadevall&Pedreño agencies.  But one day, she decided to leave the world of publicity and undertake her own path, something more artistic and personal. Since then, she designs original products, writes and illustrates books and gives classes of creativity and emotions.

Her illustrations:

Anna’s illustrations apply different techniques as for example photo-illustration or collage but always with some manual and spontaneous elements.
Anna emphasizes the power of the illustration and says that one must overcome the fear of taking a pencil and being creative.

In this blog we will focus on her children’s books and go over her latest titles.

Her books:

Labyrinth of the soul (junior category)
This book is invites you to make a self-discovery journey, with the help of your emotions, thoughts and feelings, following the way of the labyrinth - both complicated and exciting way. It is difficult to foresee, but it is there where the adventure, emotion and imagination are totally guaranteed.


Empty (for children from 5 to 8 years old and adults)

Life is full of findings but also of losses. Empty is a book about the capability of overcoming emotional pain.

I love you (almost always) (for children from 5 to 8 years old and adults)
A book for children and adults that helps us understand what makes us different, showing us the magic effect of polar opposites.  A sweet love story for all ages.

The Colour Monster (for children from 3 to 8 years old and adults)
The Colour Monster does not know what is happening to him.
There has been quite a mess with the emotions and now he has to clean this mess up. A simple and fun story, which will introduce the fascinating language of emotions to the little ones.

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