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10 things that a child teaches you

6 November 2014

You've been preparing for the arrival of a child for 9 months. You've imagined your baby's face and all the joys that come with it. Now there's a new member of the family! It's time to discover all the power a child has when they come into our lives…

Rest when you can. But as much as you want. You'll find that having a dream come true also means you don’t sleep much. Resting is a right and an obligation above everything else.

Love yourself a lot. Love each other a lot. Love doesn't divide with a child - it grows. Parents also have to take care of each other with the same intensity.

Trust each other. Increase your self-esteem. Now you'll be leaders who'll inspire your children as they grow. No one knows what your child needs better than you, and there is no one better than him or her to show you.

Enjoy your new path you've taken. When you're a mother, the goal isn't as important as the journey that takes you to it.

Get emotional. Discover that emotions are the first language we are born with, and makes us more attentive to their needs. A child teaches us to create a link that goes beyond words.

Don't fear difficulties. Parents don't have an answer for everything, but we have the resources to know where to find it. Keeping an active ear open is a big help. The "tribe" is very important: society, family, friends, your partner…

Let yourself make mistakes. Children don't come with an instructions manual, but they do come with a “first aid kit”: you. Write your own manual.

Forget about your doubts. Learn to take advantage of them without them dragging you to the abyss. If you are in doubt, it's because we make the commitment to looking for the best, but that paralyzes us.

Improvise. Be flexible and creative, even with rules. And do it with the self-belief that we all need to grow with confidence.

Let your child teach you. Watch, listen and believe in him or her. Parenting is a two-way learning experience.

Loving a child means loving them with your heart and your head. It means getting carried away by your emotions but controlling them. You can communicate with them by establishing an exclusive emotional bond. Your child has the answers and you have the solutions. Enjoy!




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