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Group 0+/1 (0 to 18 kg)

Casualplay Bicare Fix was created to provide double protection, from the very first day. Protect them by travelling longer in a rear-facing position. Up to 18 kg if you wish. Bicare Fix protects your baby favoring its natural perspiration and allowing them to travel more comfortably and relaxed. Thanks to the AFS AirFlowSystem, a ventilation system built into the seat that reduces sweating.

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0 - 18 Kg


  • Car seats BicareFix - Bamboo fibre fabric
    Bamboo fibre fabric
    The new Casualplay 2015 car seat collection uses over 50% bamboo fabric - a fabric with excellent characteristics for babies. 1.- It is anti-bacterial, odour-free and hypo-allergenic. 2. - Insulating capacity. 3. - Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. 4. - Very comfortable.
  • Car seats BicareFix - More time rear-facing
    More time rear-facing
    We extend the time it is used in the rear-facing position: facing backwards, until 18 kg if you like. We recommend a rear-facing position until the child weighs 15 kg. If the interior of the vehicle is big enough and the baby is comfortable, the rear-facing position can be continued up to 18 kg.
  • Car seats BicareFix - You're sure to fit it properly
    You're sure to fit it properly
    We minimize the risk of failing to fasten the 3rd Isofix anchoring point by using the SupportLeg: Because the SupportLeg is much more intuitive and obvious, it is easier to fit.
  • Car seats BicareFix - Easy change of direction
    Easy change of direction
    The SupportLeg has a built-in correct fitting indicator. The direction can be changed easily and in complete safety. This can be done with no need to unfasten the Bicare Fix base from the vehicle.
  • Car seats BicareFix - With AirFlowSystem ventilation
    With AirFlowSystem ventilation
    Bicare Fix seat have ventilation channels in its sides to favorise its natural perspiration and allow the baby to travel more comfortably and relaxed. Babies may sweat more in the first few months.
  • Car seats BicareFix - The same seat angle as baby carrier
    The same seat angle as baby carrier
    The design of the built-in reducer makes it safe and comfortable for use with new-born babies.
  • Car seats BicareFix -  Overall Protection
    Overall Protection
    Front, rear, side and rollover protection. Designed for efficient energy absorption in case of impact thanks to its collapsible energy absorption features.
  • Car seats BicareFix - Multi-position seat
    Multi-position seat
    One position for Gr. 0+ and 2 positions for Gr.1: facing backwards and facing forward.
  • Car seats BicareFix - Headrests and straps
    Headrests and straps
    Simultaneously height adjustable headrest and straps.