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Maternity swimwear

1 August 2016

Today I’d like to talk to you about a style issue that can be a major headache for us pregnant women – maternity swimwear.

Generally speaking, the first time out in the sun by the pool or at the beach isn’t the easiest thing, what with a prominent baby bump, another new stretch mark and the typical insecurities of an expectant mother...My suggestion? Patience. Take it easy that first time, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to help kickstart your tan and above all, look for cute bikinis and swimsuits to help make a summer pregnancy more pleasant!

Nowadays there are many options at truly great prices. Sure, they’re always going to be more expensive than regular swimwear, but why not splurge just for once? ;)                                                  

In my case, the only new one I’ve picked up is a black, retro-look swimsuit with a ruched front. This new purchase and my collection of regular bikinis are going to get me through the summer. It’s also true that by the time you read this we might be enjoying our newborn at home (I wish!)


If my child were to be born later on, I’d surely get myself a sailor-style swimsuit (the one pictured here stole my heart!). Bikinis with a retro look high-waisted bottom are a good option.

But if you don’t want to wear maternity garments, the perfect option is to choose a larger size than you normally wear. Asos maternity and Kiabi both carry a very stylish range of maternity swimsuits and bikinis. 

And what are the perfect accessories to flaunt your baby bump on the beach or at the pool? A good sunscreen, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a pretty caftan and a bottle of cold water.

But to be honest there’s nothing better than soaking in the water and having a relaxing time, right? Enjoy the summer and show off the most beautiful curves in the world!


María Blasco


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